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Which IT Jobs Are Hot in 2017

Compared to the rest of the labor market, IT jobs are red hot as the country is currently going through a significant shortage of STEM professionals. That being said, there are a few tech jobs that are particularly hot right …read more

How Much Does Employee Turnover Actually Cost?

For companies to prosper in today’s economy and job market, locating and holding onto the best talent is crucial. Turnover can be costly and the maddening thing is employers have a lot of control over the rate at which people …read more

5 Tips to Be More Productive Throughout the Workday

Some days at work, it seems time flies and you don’t have much to show for your efforts at the end of the day. These low-productivity days can be maddening and are often the result of not having good habits. …read more

How Much Does Downtime in the Workplace Cost Your Company?

Regardless of what causes it, IT systems downtime is bad for any company. Downtime costs a company in terms of decreased productivity, lost revenue, recovery costs and costs of intangibles, such as damage to the company brand. Quantifying what downtime …read more