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Staci Brooks Joins SSi People

SSi People welcomes Staci Brooks to our team.  Staci is an Account Manager based in Atlanta, GA.  She comes to us from the healthcare staffing industry where she was a proven winner and three time President’s Club recipient. Staci is excited …read more

Do IT certifications make a difference in the workplace?

Certifications have become popular in the tech industry throughout the past 10 to 15 years as a way for IT professionals to verify their knowledge. In particular instances, certifications may even function as an alternative to a conventional four-year degree. …read more

Inside Look At How AI Can Cut Down On Businesses Downtime

Downtime for today’s big, multi-layered companies is more than a basic inconvenience. The cost of interruptions, particularly when employees are kept from doing their jobs, can be tremendous. A recent Gartner study indicated that a large business may lose $540,000 …read more

Security Skills To Focus On Hiring For

As cybercriminals become more advanced and attacks more common, it’s no longer a question of whether your business will become a target, but when it will be. That simple fact has pressured many companies to reflect on how they confront …read more

Here is Why Remote Work Is so Important to IT Employees

Companies are increasingly embracing virtual teams, geographically dispersed workers who use online communication to collaborate. Remote working is increasing across all industries, not just the tech industry. A recent government report said 47 percent of U.S. workers could do their …read more