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4 Ways to Revamp Your Leadership Skills in 2019

All leaders have strengths and weaknesses. Some leaders are poor communicators and simply expect employees to all be on the same page; while some leaders micromanage their employees and try to do everything themselves. If you’re looking to be a …read more

The Best Time to Submit Your Resume Is…

When employed professionals are trying to find a new job, they typically work during the weekday and apply to jobs in the evening or on the weekend. These might be the most convenient times for people with a job to …read more

Why Your Company Needs a Privacy Policy

For many people, a corporate privacy policy is something to scroll through quickly and click ‘ok’ on. For companies, however, a privacy policy is a business necessity. If your product or service doesn’t already have a privacy policy, it will …read more

How Staying in Touch With Your Old Boss Could Help Your IT Career

When it comes to networking, your old bosses are worth their weight in gold. Past supervisors know your track record, they work in your industry and they have their own professional networks. They can be a professional reference, write a …read more