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7 Skills Every Business Analyst Needs to Excel in Their Career

A good business analyst has both hard and soft skills. They’ve taken the right courses, earned the right experiences, but also have some emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving ability. But what separates an average business analyst from a …read more

Improving Your Management Skills 4/12: Learn How to Truly Listen

Everyone knows that communication is a valuable skill when it comes to managing people. But the reality is that there are two parts to communication: talking and listening. And some would argue that listening is the more important part. You …read more

Becoming a Better Job Candidate 4/12: Be Specific in Examples

The hiring process is your opportunity to make yourself shine! It takes charisma and people skills, but more than that, you have to build a case that you’re the most qualified, most experienced candidate fit for this particular job. And …read more

3 Traits Outstanding Tech Leaders Share

Tech leaders might be among the most important in your company. Most organizations rely heavily on their tech departments, but it’s not the best technology that wins success—it’s the quality of the workers and their leadership. Yes, it’s important to …read more