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The Top Programming Languages That Programmers Should Be Proficient in for 2020

The world of programming is always evolving. The programming language you learned when you started your career is probably not what you’re relying on today, so it’s essential to keep practicing and stay up-to-date. The more current you are, the …read more

Improving Your Management Skills 12/12: Supporting Your Team

Perhaps the most important thing you can do as a manager is to make your team feel supported. If they don’t feel like you have their backs, your team won’t feel as confident, won’t trust you, and they won’t work as …read more

Becoming a Better Job Candidate 12/12: Keeping the Interview Positive and Professional

It’s easy to get stressed or flustered during a job interview. After all, there’s a lot on the line, and it’s a frustrating, sometimes dead-end venture. But remember that employers want to hire people who are upbeat and enthusiastic—people who can get along with …read more

5 Motivating Technology TED Talks to Listen To

There’s no better place to find inspiration than in a TED Talk. Speakers at these conferences are accomplished, super-knowledgeable, and genuinely inspiring, no matter what industry they’re in. Listen to a TED Talk, and you’ll usually walk away with more …read more