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Why pursue a DevOps strategy?

When companies are able to integrate their development staff with their operations staff, they are able to create a comprehensive DevOps strategy. A DevOps strategy is designed to improve upon efficiency by better integrating two of the most important and interrelated departments within an …read more

Ways To Be A More Productive Developer

Most developers fight with the urge to be productive from time to time. It’s easy to understand why: developing can be a mentally and emotionally exhausting task. Not only does developing require constant mental acuity, but the job position of …read more

Building a Strong Tech Team

Building a strong tech team is absolutely essential to companies today. Tech isn’t just about raw technical experience, it’s also about personal skills, project management abilities, and the ability to prioritize. When developing a tech team in a particularly competitive …read more

Skills Needed For A Senior Web Designer

Web design is one of the fastest growing markets, especially as many companies have been moving to web-based applications. If you’re interested in website design (and becoming a senior web designer), there are certain skills that you’re going to have …read more

What is the difference between QA and UAT?

Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing are two very important processes that test related, but different, elements. Though these roles may be defined differently depending on organization, the focus of Quality Assurance is generally to make sure that the product …read more

How to Build a Successful AI Team

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of the technology industry for the last few years. Despite this, there are still very few individuals who are experts or are specialized within the field. Employers who want to build an AI-specialized …read more