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Principles Of Agile Software Development


Nearly every software development company today now follows the agile methodology. Agile software development allows for faster paced development that, hopefully, adheres more closely with product outlines and desired outcomes. Both highly structured and highly adaptive, agile development is designed to follow about a dozen core principles. Here are those principles and what they mean… Read more »

Agile vs. Burndown Software Development


Agile and burndown methodology are vastly different methods of managing a software development project. Agile methodology is targeted to the systematic and stage-by-stage development of a project, whereas burndown development is a more holistic way of looking at the software development process. Here are a few of the core differences between the two design philosophies…. Read more »

Why Your Manager Hates Agile


Business that have been developing for many years using the traditional hierarchical organizational system may not understand the culture of how the horizontal interactions between Agile employees is successful. Traditionally trained business management talent has a deep seated comfort with knowing everyone’s position and the expectations of everyone’s level of power and decision making capabilities. With the evolution… Read more »