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Data Scientist Named Best Job In America


The swiftly growing industry of data science has created a vacuum for accomplished professionals, so it’s no wonder that the field is now attracting such interest. Data scientist is currently being listed as the “best job in America,” with a median salary of over $116,000 and high job satisfaction. Those within related computer science industries… Read more »

Will Hadoop Replace Data Warehousing?


Apache’s Hadoop is an open source data solution that allows for the distributed processing and storage of very large data sets. But whether it can replace your company’s data warehousing solution depends on your data warehousing and data processing needs. Hadoop is a specialized program that can facilitate┬ásome┬átimes of data warehousing but is not an… Read more »

Data Trends and Predictions For 2015


With a new year comes new changes in the world of big data. While it’s impossible to say with complete certainty what this year will hold, the trends in IT and big data that have started years earlier and began steamrolling in 2014 will shape much of what is likely to occur in 2015. Here… Read more »