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How to Build a Successful AI Team


Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of the technology industry for the last few years. Despite this, there are still very few individuals who are experts or are specialized within the field. Employers who want to build an AI-specialized team are going to have to look for individuals with unique skill sets who are… Read more »

Difference Between a Security Analyst and a Security Engineer?


Security analysts and security engineers both work in the security department, but their roles are very different. Professionals who are well-versed in security may want to explore these career paths and may wish to move between them depending on the position and the organization. Understanding the difference between a security analyst and an engineer is… Read more »

The 10 Hottest Developer Jobs of 2017


Development is far from a homogenous field; in fact, there are dozens of specialization paths that a developer can choose from today. Which of these paths are the highest in demand for 2017? Here’ are the top 10. Full Stack Developers. A rather all-encompassing developer type, full stack developers are coming back into vogue and… Read more »