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Tech in ’22 – What’s next? A two-part series exploring the inevitable impact of tech

Part Two: Tech Works for the People In part one of our What’s Next series, we understood that “what’s next in tech” is already here and that it’s reach into our lives has taken hold. However, that notion doesn’t always …read more

What’s next? A two-part series exploring the inevitable impact of tech in 2022

Part One: First Step? Keeping Tech in Check You are not alone if you feel that when you read about what the next big ‘thing’ is, you come to realize it’s already here. The Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst for …read more

Why pursue a DevOps strategy?

When companies are able to integrate their development staff with their operations staff, they are able to create a comprehensive DevOps strategy. A DevOps strategy is designed to improve upon efficiency by better integrating two of the most important and interrelated departments within an …read more

Differentiating UNIX and Linux

Accounting for less than 7% of desktop operating systems combined, both UNIX and Linux operating systems are fairly niche products today. UNIX and Linux are both generally used by those within the tech and programming industry; they are specialized tools …read more

Web Design vs Web Engineer

Web designers, web developers, and web engineers: while they may all seem like similar roles, they’re actually vastly different. Depending on an individual’s propensity towards design, programming, or architecture, a different role may be more applicable to them. Understanding the …read more

Can Hadoop Replace RDBMS?

Hadoop may be a remarkable new technology, but can it successfully replace an RDBMS? Data warehousing currently governs a wide variety of technical uses and implementations, and though Hadoop may be a versatile tool, it’s designed for a more specific …read more