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Making DE&I a Mindset in Recruiting and Hiring Practices

DE&I is a broad scope term with different definitions depending on what it applies to, be it education, the job market, social construct, healthcare and more. For instance, a very interesting explanation of “E” for Equity was described using the …read more

5 Characteristics to Look For When Searching for the Right Tech Talent

Hiring can be a very intimidating process. You have to attract or recruit the right talent, screen candidates and determine, often with minimal data from interviews and background checks, whether this person is the right fit for your company. And if you …read more

How IT Leaders Eliminate Drama In The Workplace

Workplace drama isn’t exclusive to the IT industry and it’s a reality that company leaders have to acknowledge with if they want their organization to be successful. Drama happens in the workplace because humans are emotional beings. We have pride …read more

Building a Strong Tech Team

Building a strong tech team is absolutely essential to companies today. Tech isn’t just about raw technical experience, it’s also about personal skills, project management abilities, and the ability to prioritize. When developing a tech team in a particularly competitive …read more

The Role of an IT Auditor

Whether staffed internally or hired on a contract-by-contract basis, IT auditors fulfill a vital role for organizations of all industries. IT auditors review the hardware, software, infrastructure, and operations of a business in order to ensure that they best suit …read more