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How Many Programming Languages Do You Need to Know to Get a Job in the IT Industry?

How Many Programming Languages Do You Need to Know to Get a Job in the IT Industry?   As technology continues to advance, it becomes increasingly important for IT professionals to be able to learn new computer-based skills rapidly. Mastering the …read more

5 Things You Should Never Say to an Interviewer

The interview is arguably the most crucial stage of the job-seeking process. As candidates, the interview is our opportunity to show a potential employer what sets us apart from the competition. As such, it should be our top priority to …read more

Sneaky Phone Interview Tips to Win You a Second Interview

Phone interviews can be very stressful, even more stressful than in-person interviews. After all, it isn’t very easy to fully interpret what your interviewer is saying when you can’t see their face or read their body language or facial cues. …read more

4 Soft Skills That Might Land You Your Dream Job

Your hard skills might be what gets noticed on your resume, but your soft skills are what sets you apart from the rest of the competition. Hiring managers will scan your resume to see if you have the right training …read more

5 Reasons Not to Burn Bridges As you Leave Your Job

Whether you’ve been the victim of downsizing, fired unfairly, or you’re leaving of your own volition, it might be tempting to bash your former bosses online or otherwise burn some bridges but don’t. A lot of former employees like to leave …read more

The Top Programming Languages That Programmers Should Be Proficient in for 2020

The world of programming is always evolving. The programming language you learned when you started your career is probably not what you’re relying on today, so it’s essential to keep practicing and stay up-to-date. The more current you are, the …read more

Becoming a Better Job Candidate 12/12: Keeping the Interview Positive and Professional

It’s easy to get stressed or flustered during a job interview. After all, there’s a lot on the line, and it’s a frustrating, sometimes dead-end venture. But remember that employers want to hire people who are upbeat and enthusiastic—people who can get along with …read more

Becoming a Better Job Candidate 11/12: Be Honest

As a job seeker, it’s tempting to put on your best front, cover up your weaknesses and imperfections, and brag about yourself. After all, you want the job, right? You worry that if you’re too honest and they learn about some …read more