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5 Notifications to Set That Will Benefit Your Health

We all know that a little activity throughout the day can benefit your body and your mental health. But this isn’t always possible while you’re at work. Fortunately, those smartphones we lug around all day and the computers we sit behind …read more

Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac: the Comparison

When choosing an operating system, there are many different factors to consider. Power, security, and desirability are all important characteristics. Windows, Linux, and Mac are the three most commonly used operating systems, and they are all vastly different. In general, …read more

Linux vs Windows: What Should You Use?

Should you use Linux or Windows? Depending on your own personal needs, each operating system could have its benefits. In the old days, Linux was used primarily by IT professionals and serious hobbyists, while Windows was seen as an easy …read more

Should You Take A Tech Free Vacation?

People today are absolutely inundated with technology. Most people spend the vast majority of their time staring at one device or another: their mobile phone, their computer screen, and their television. But vacations are intended to be a break from …read more