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UX/UI Best Practices

User experience (UX) is now considered paramount to good modern design. And this means that a user interface (UI) has to be designed to be easily accessible, clean, and functional. But that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. When …read more

Can The R Language Handle Big Data?

Data scientists and programmers alike have been struggling to find efficient and effective methods of managing big data. Much of this relates directly to being able to manage big data in a variety of systems, development environments, and programming languages. …read more

The 4 Best Data Modeling Techniques

Data means nothing if you can’t properly analyze it. According to big data studies, 95% of organizations believe that their data can yield insight, even though over 30% additionally believe that their data is inaccurate. If you want to get …read more

Our Favorite PHP Frameworks

As programmer-friendly as PHP can be, there is one area it can leave you adrift: choosing a framework. Rather than coming with its own framework, PHP gives you the freedom to choose any framework you desire. And since your framework will vastly …read more

Ruby On Rails Vs. PHP

Most decisions between programming languages come down to preference. Both Ruby on Rails and PHP can be used to construct complex, robust sites, but each language does have its own benefits and drawbacks. Ruby on Rails offers rapid development with fairly …read more

Is PHP Better Than .NET?

PHP and .NET are both versatile and popular web scripting languages, but which is the better solution for your next project? PHP is, by far, the most popular scripting language for web development, while .NET boasts the impressive Microsoft framework, …read more