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Tech in ’22 – What’s next? A two-part series exploring the inevitable impact of tech

Part Two: Tech Works for the People In part one of our What’s Next series, we understood that “what’s next in tech” is already here and that it’s reach into our lives has taken hold. However, that notion doesn’t always …read more

What’s next? A two-part series exploring the inevitable impact of tech in 2022

Part One: First Step? Keeping Tech in Check You are not alone if you feel that when you read about what the next big ‘thing’ is, you come to realize it’s already here. The Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst for …read more

Why Your Company Needs a Privacy Policy

For many people, a corporate privacy policy is something to scroll through quickly and click ‘ok’ on. For companies, however, a privacy policy is a business necessity. If your product or service doesn’t already have a privacy policy, it will …read more

Security Skills To Focus On Hiring For

As cybercriminals become more advanced and attacks more common, it’s no longer a question of whether your business will become a target, but when it will be. That simple fact has pressured many companies to reflect on how they confront …read more

Is Cloud Computing More Secure?

The security of cloud computing has always been a hotly contested topic. When cloud computing first came into popularity, there were numerous hosting startups that did not take security seriously and consequently damaged the reputation of the industry. In truth, cloud solutions …read more

The Worst Passwords Of 2015

The media constantly reports stories concerning data breaches for some of the biggest entities in retail in the U.S. We have no control over the passwords set up by industry insiders to protect confidential consumer data. However, we can protect …read more

Protecting Your Data in a Virtualized Environment

The advantages of server virtualization have been responsible for a substantial shift to virtual server deployments. These benefits range from cost savings to the flexibility and agility offered by public and private cloud architectures. Virtualization technologies are becoming an essential …read more