#JN -032021-61277

Westford, Massachusetts
Industry: Mechanical / Manufacture / Electrical Engineers
Job Number: JN -032021-61277


  • This position is NonExempt
  • Hours over 40 will be paid at Time and a Half
  • Responsible for modeling/designing components for new and existing medical device products (e.g. assemblies/equipment/fixtures/programmers/leads/stents) into detail drawings and documentation using CAD and other tools
  • Model product concepts using current tool, analysis techniques, and technologies through use of parametric CAD software and other mechanisms
  • Perform Mechanical design/redesign of medical device products applying industry standards (e.g. ASME Y14.5M-1994) to detail drawings
  • Create/modify/maintain documentation using CAD tools that are tied to a data management system
  • Provide support for OEM device documentation and Bill of Material structure support
  • Provide support for OEM device documentation
  • Completes document packages by detailing parts and creating BOM and schematics following layouts, sketches and verbal instructions to ensure that all of the needed documentation is available for manufacturing process
  • Reviews and verifies design work of peers to check for compliance with standards and corporate procedures
  • May review engineering order (EO) package by reading information on EOs (e.g. document description) and supplemental information (e.g., preliminary sketch) in order to identify missing information
  • May generate engineering change orders (ECOs). (CRM)
  • May provide illustrations, animation and web publishing solutions that allow communication of 2D/3D product information for interactive assembly, maintenance/ restoration of documentation, product presentations and Federal and International compliance. Two-year degree with 8+ years related experience or equivalent combination of education and technical work experience
  • May also require a license or certification in the area of expertise


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