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Should You Ask Tech Candidates About Their Salary History?


No. You should not ask candidates for tech jobs about their salary history. In fact, doing so could be against the law. Several states and cities have recently passed laws that prohibit asking candidates about past salaries. These laws were passed largely to combat pay equity issues that many consider systemic. Furthermore, these questions often… Read more »

Haven’t Heard Back After an Interview, When Should I Follow up?


After writing a solid resume, submitting an application, preparing thoroughly for an interview and sitting down to meet with a potential employer, it can be hard to stop and wait for a hiring manager get back to you. However, the “waiting game” after the interview is all a part of the process and it is… Read more »

Questions to Ask at Your Next Interview


Pretty much every interview includes a part where the person being interviewed is given a chance to ask any questions they might have about the job or the company. There are two main reasons why you should come to an interview with good questions for your interviewer. First, good questions show your interviewer you can… Read more »