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4 Ways to Attract Generation Z Top Candidates for IT Jobs


Today, the IT industry is evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. Revolutionary new computing and communication technologies are now being developed on an almost daily basis. As a result, employers are spending huge amounts of time, energy, and resources in the ongoing race to find and hire the most promising young talent in… Read more »

3 Employer Branding Trends for the IT Industry in 2020


Employer branding has always been a central pillar in the architecture of success within the IT industry. Without a strong employer branding strategy, it’s difficult for an organization to convey a relatable message to its consumers or to retain a coherent and robust company culture. It’s also the case that employer branding best practices are… Read more »

Improving Your Management Skills 11/12: Have an Open Mind


There are a few red flags when it comes to an insufferable manager. Qualities include micromanager, dictator, and narrow-minded, to name a few. These managers need to show off their authority every chance they get, which would be fine if that’s all it was. Employees could roll their eyes and then go on about their days,… Read more »