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Becoming a Better Job Candidate 9/12: Share Beyond the Obvious Skills and Experience

When you’re applying for new jobs, you need to find ways to make yourself stand out from the competition. Whether it’s on your resume, in your cover letter, or an interview, it helps if you share more than the standard …read more

How Local Networking Events Can Help Your Career

Networking is a valuable skill. A lot of people seem to shy away from it because it can be awkward and intimidating, but if you do it right, it’s seamless and it can help enhance your career. All you have …read more

Improving Your Management Skills 8/12: Figure out Effective Motivation Tactics

You’ve got a cast of dream employees, and now you need to figure out how to keep them happy and motivated. You need them to work as efficiently as possible so you can boost productivity, keep costs down, and maximize revenue. Plus, …read more

Improving Your Management Skills 6/12: Improve Your Self-Assessment

A manager relies heavily on self-assessment. They provide useful insight into the employees’ perception of themselves and their role in the company. But a manager needs to be able to self-assess too. It’s a great chance to pause, take stock …read more

5 Must-Have Front-End Developer Skills for 2019

Speaking of important jobs, how about front-end web developers? An organization’s website is the face of the company. It’s the first thing that clients, customers, and prospective job candidates learn about it. A well-crafted, professional looking website improves your credibility …read more

Retain Top IT and Engineering Talent with These 3 Non-Monetary Ideas

The biggest asset of any company is their IT department and their engineering talent. Not only does their ability to function on a daily basis depend on them, but the potential for sustainable growth is in their hands—which means management …read more

Becoming a Better Job Candidate, Part 2 of 12: Dressing for Your Interview

A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience! You’re meeting new people, trying to remember names, and make an overall good first impression. The better prepared you are, the smoother it will go. Though you can’t control everything about the …read more

Improving Your Management Skills, Part 1 of 12: Learn to Delegate

No matter what kind of leader you are, delegating some of your responsibilities is the key to maximizing productivity and preventing burn out. But that’s easier said than done. It’s hard to know which tasks to let go of and …read more

4 Ways to Revamp Your Leadership Skills in 2019

All leaders have strengths and weaknesses. Some leaders are poor communicators and simply expect employees to all be on the same page; while some leaders micromanage their employees and try to do everything themselves. If you’re looking to be a …read more

The Best Time to Submit Your Resume Is…

When employed professionals are trying to find a new job, they typically work during the weekday and apply to jobs in the evening or on the weekend. These might be the most convenient times for people with a job to …read more