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How To Create Awesome Test Cases

Writing a good test case is as much an art as it is a science. Without the right test cases, your tests will be inherently flawed, and there are issues that you could potentially miss throughout the testing process. Test …read more

The Top 5 Skills For Project Managers

In many ways, a project manager has to be a jack-of-all-trades. Not only do they need to motivate their employees, but they also need to keep control of their project and understand their technology. The best project managers all have …read more

Can Hadoop Replace RDBMS?

Hadoop may be a remarkable new technology, but can it successfully replace an RDBMS? Data warehousing currently governs a wide variety of technical uses and implementations, and though Hadoop may be a versatile tool, it’s designed for a more specific …read more

Google Is Considering Swift For Android

Google is currently considering the adoption of Swift as its leading programming language for the Android platform. Presently, Android runs primarily on a platform of Java, but there are some major benefits that Swift can provide. Swift is designed to …read more