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"It’s been the team that has gotten SSi People to where it’s at today.” ~ Ron Seibert, President & CEO (SSi People)

“There has to be a better way.”

It’s what Ron Seibert thought 25 years ago when SSi People was born. For many, staffing has become a numbers game, but at SSi, we remind ourselves of what’s at stake. We are working to support people in their pursuit of meaningful work, provide them with stability, and foster their professional advancement. We are finding opportunities for technology consultants to not only solve for their basic human necessities with the means that work provides them but with the hope that if they wish to celebrate mom’s birthday, watch their child’s school play, or take a class in something they are passionate about, that work never interferes with that.

For our clients, you get our attention, plain and simple, with honest assessments and a pledge that we will find technology consultants who facilitate a mutually successful working relationship.

For consultants, our SSi People, we recognize we must compete for you, and we do that by offering unprecedented benefits packages to give you peace of mind and work to find a role for you that makes you feel fulfilled as an SSi person.
It’s in our name and it’s how we operate. It’s SSi People.

Our Mission is for People

Putting people first is good for business – not just our own, but for our clients’ success and consultants’ goals. This means ensuring every voice is heard, every need is met, and every experience is the best possible for all our stakeholders.

To support our Mission, we hold true to these Values:

People first: We put people and relationships first – always.

Honesty: Be unfailingly honest at all times.

Respect: Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Open minded: Ensure every voice is heard.

Results oriented: Skip lip service and focus on results.

SSi People Celebrates 25 years!

In 2023, SSi People celebrates its 25th anniversary in the IT and engineering staffing industry.

In 2023, SSi People celebrates its 25th anniversary in the IT and engineering staffing industry.

With a storied history, SSi People shares many milestones that have led to their success, but nothing shines more than the people who have been with them on this journey.

See some of the highlights below from this celebratory year and learn about the history of SSi People as told by its leadership.
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