people first.

That’s our focus, and it works.

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Who we are

We believe that valuing people makes businesses and professionals more successful. And we work every day to listen, advise, and support our clients and consultants to prove that hypothesis.

We’re in the “people” business. For many years, that’s been a hokey way of stating what we do. But for us, we look to define (and often, redefine) what that means by taking it down to the core – we are in the PEOPLE business. Here, people really are first.

That mindset started at the beginning back in 1998. Our CEO was in IT at the time, and after working with some staffing firms thought, “there has to be a better way.” So he created a staffing firm that focused on people first. We haven’t looked back.

Want to reach our CEO? Try here.

In fact, you can learn a LOT about any member of our team by visiting our LinkedIn Company Page and clicking “people.”  Because among our team members, spread out across the U.S. and India, we have many amazing individuals, great stories, and incredible professionals. We love our team.

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Our Mission

We set out to prove that putting people first is good for business – not just our own, but for our clients.

To do that, we ensure every voice is heard, every need is met and that we are delivering the best possible experience for all our stakeholders.

Our Values

People first:

We put people and relationships first - always.


Be unfailingly honest at all times.


Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Open minded:

Ensure every voice is heard.

Results oriented:

Skip lip service and focus on results.