Exploring All Things Tech Stack Featuring Lauren B. Jones & Amanda Marciniak

In this episode we discuss all things tech stack! Tune in to hear the best approach to getting started in evaluating your current tech stack and whether or not it is time to make a change! We are featuring two incredible guests who are experts in tech stack and staffing!

Lauren B. Jones is the owner of Leap Consulting, as well as Tech Stack Extraordinaire Author, Advisor to the Staffing & Recruiting Industry, YOE Podcast Co-Host, and one of the Top 15 Staffing Influencers of 2021.

Lauren has been a leader, influencer, and innovator in the staffing industry for 23+ years. Lauren’s love and obsession for technology has helped shape her career and provided a stellar reputation as a tech stack expert, industry trailblazer, and business operations guru.

Amanda Marciniak is the Master Tech Stack Implementer + Director of Learning & Development at SSi People. She’s energetic and enthusiastic with a passion for sales, technology, and employee development.  Amanda has an unwavering sense of urgency and commitment to deadlines and expectation, exceptional communication abilities when it comes to management, teamwork, and mentoring and a proven track record of setting, meeting, and exceeding goals & expectations in each position held. 

Amanda believes in an extraordinary work ethic, mentors, and the power of a team and has an ability to identify an opportunity for improvement, develop an action plan, and implement that plan. She thrives in a challenging environment, especially one that rewards dedication and high performance.

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