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Common Leadership Challenges in the Office


Effective leadership can make or break a company. When a company finds a good leader, everything and everyone underneath it falls into place. People work harder and stay engaged with their work, meaning that productivity, efficiency, and innovation all improve. But when the leader at the helm struggles, the company can become characterized by disengagement,… Read more »

Fostering Career Satisfaction for Employee Retention


When your employees are happy in their jobs, they’ll be more motivated and work harder for your company. But the average worker has a short attention span, meaning that their demands and priorities change all the time, so how can you keep them satisfied? The truth is that there’s a lot to consider and a… Read more »

Improving Your Management Skills 12/12: Supporting Your Team


Perhaps the most important thing you can do as a manager is to make your team feel supported. If they don’t feel like you have their backs, your team won’t feel as confident, won’t trust you, and they won’t work as hard for you. They should feel like they have access to the right resources, tools, and training to… Read more »