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Are You Focusing On Retaining Your Top Performers?


It might sound cold to say it, but employees are important assets to a company, and when an employee leaves, it results in significant costs to replace that person. Ironically, the proliferation of modern technology has led to more businesses depending on the abilities of their employees. As technology becomes increasingly complex and powerful, the… Read more »

Best Practices to Retain Millennial Employees


A recent Gallup survey found that turnover costs the United States’ economy around $30 billion each year. This figure translates to untold earnings companies could generate if they could just retain the best and smartest employees. Today’s employers must constantly ask themselves what they should do to improve employee retention rate, particularly when it comes… Read more »

How To Retain Your Top IT Talent


With regards to managing employees, there’s one thing everybody appears to agree on: You want to keep great people around. Holding your top workers isn’t simple; however, particularly when it comes to retaining top technical talent on your team. When you’re facing competition from both small, fashionable startups and deep-pocketed tech giants, convincing your engineers… Read more »