How to Build a Successful AI Team

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of the technology industry for the last few years. Despite this, there are still very few individuals who are experts or are specialized within the field. Employers who want to build an AI-specialized team are going to have to look for individuals with unique skill sets who are at the bleeding edge of these types of technologies. In general, those who are well-suited to artificial intelligence are programmers and data scientists.

The Data Specialist: Big Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence is based primarily upon machine learning. This is the ability to identify patterns through exceptionally large data sets, and often to modify learning patterns based on the data that is presented. Artificial intelligence today still relies upon “seed data”; artificial intelligence will process sample data in order to essentially learn how to process real data. That means that any competent AI team requires a big data analyst and specialize, who is knowledgeable about how to manage exceptionally large sets of data.

Data management is the core foundation of an artificially intelligent machine. All types of learning are built upon this foundation of data: without big data as a core competency, the AI will not have the information that it needs to make educated decisions.

The UI Developer: User Experience

Finally, artificial intelligence is a movement that is driven primarily by user experience. Today’s programs are moving towards artificially intelligent software that can anticipate an individual’s needs. Rather than having to “use” a tool, an individual simply needs to request information… from there the software does everything on its own. This can be most easily seen in personal assistants, such as Siri and Cortana. A lack of a reliable UI developer will essentially defeat one of the major purposes of artificial intelligence.

UI developers need to concentrate primarily on the goals of the user. This is often done through user stories and comprehensive user testing.

The Programmer: Core Development

Programmers are what will tie everything together in terms of the data and the user experience. Though the data scientist can tell the programmer how to analyze data and which algorithms and strategies to use, it is the programmer who is actually going to create the structure of this within the platform. Likewise, though the UI developer may actually design the interface, it is the programmer who is going to implement it. The programmer will need to be the generalist of this group; they will need to have knowledge of both UI and data science and, most importantly, they will need to have the skills to bring these elements into fruition. Programmers who are already specialized and skilled in artificial intelligence are nearly always preferred for these applications.

Are you trying to build a successful AI team? That means you’re going to have to find accomplished professionals who are likely at the top of their field. AI is by no means simple, but it’s also no longer optional in many industries. The best way to start is by using the job listings provided by Software Specialists.

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