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Making DE&I a Mindset in Recruiting and Hiring Practices

DE&I is a broad scope term with different definitions depending on what it applies to, be it education, the job market, social construct, healthcare and more. For instance, a very interesting explanation of “E” for Equity was described using the …read more

Tech in ’22 – What’s next? A two-part series exploring the inevitable impact of tech

Part Two: Tech Works for the People In part one of our What’s Next series, we understood that “what’s next in tech” is already here and that it’s reach into our lives has taken hold. However, that notion doesn’t always …read more

What’s next? A two-part series exploring the inevitable impact of tech in 2022

Part One: First Step? Keeping Tech in Check You are not alone if you feel that when you read about what the next big ‘thing’ is, you come to realize it’s already here. The Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst for …read more

How To Test A Data Warehouse

Data is the most critical asset of many organizations. Nevertheless, complex data warehousing tools have made the process of testing and verifying data somewhat more convoluted. Through the process of migrations, upgrades, and other system alterations, data warehouses will need …read more

Are You Ready For Java 9?

Are you ready for the innovations that Java 9 will provide? Java 9 is a major update to the incredibly common, versatile, and powerful SDK. Development teams hoping to get the most out of Java 9 will want to prepare …read more