Improve Your Work-Life Balance Today With These Quick Tips

For many people, reaching that ideal equilibrium between advancing your career and spending quality time with loved ones is a big life goal right now.

However, sustaining the optimal work-life balance isn’t easy. In fact, a recent survey by Ernst & Young found one-third of respondents said the ideal work-life balance has become harder to attain.

While achieving a “perfect” balance is probably impossible, there are things that most people can do to drastically improve their current balance between career and personal life. Consider the following tips if you’re looking to tilt your equilibrium in a more positive direction.

Try to appreciate your job

Work has a considerable role in our personal life. Obviously, it pays the bills, funds retirement and allows for leisure time, but work can and should also be rewarding on a personal level. Even if you work a mundane, repetitive job, you can have good days and bad days. Taking on the proper mindset lets you enjoy both the fruits of your labor, and the labor itself, from time to time.

If you currently find yourself in a job situation that is intolerable, start looking for a new job right away, as adjusting your work-life balance isn’t your most pressing need.

Establish a simple routine

The more you can include simple but effective routines into your work and personal lives, the simpler everything will flow, as you’ll be wasting less time, energy and money.

Simplify things you must do regularly, which can include anything from putting bills on autopay to putting a coat rack near your front door.

Set boundaries

Even the greatest job in the world can create an unhealthy situation if your job creeps into your personal life. Getting away from the office and switching off your smart device are essential if you are feeling oppressed by your work.

By setting boundaries, you are also setting up expectations for others – telling them you need personal time in order to be highly effective while on the job.

Make vacation plans

The mental benefits that come from a vacation don’t just come from the time you spend away from your job. Benefits also come from the anticipation.

As human beings, we all need something to look forward to a better job, a promotion, the end of the day. Looking forward to having fun on an upcoming vacation is a light at the end of the tunnel and a great way to offset the mental burdens of a heavy workload.

Keep an automated calendar

Keeping a calendar simplifies both your personal and professional life. Now technology makes it even easier to automate your smartphone calendar. You can easily sync calendars from Facebook and Google. Even most professional sports teams offer a way to insert their schedule into one master calendar. Digital assistants like Cortana make creating a new appointment as easy as press-and-talk.

Furthermore, scheduling apps like Calendly and Pick can make keeping a schedule even easier.

At SSi People , we make career advancement easy for today’s on-the-go professionals. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you take the next step on your career path.

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