How to Foster Loyalty With Your Contract Employees

Contract employees can be a really valuable asset to any company. They’re hired for their very specific skills, they’re usually passionate about what they do, and they’re motivated to get the job done. Plus, you save your company a lot of overhead in the form of benefits, taxes, and insurance policies that you’d have to pay with full-time employees. And as contract work grows, contractors have a lot of choice for employment opportunities, so it’s essential to build a lasting relationship so you can hire them time and time again. Here’s how to foster loyalty with your contract employees.  

Explain their impact  

Let those contract employees know how much their work matters to you and your organization. Explain how their efforts and responsibilities have an impact on everyone else in your company and how they contribute toward your short-term and long-term goals. People want to feel needed and important, and if you make them feel like they matter, they’ll work harder for you, and they’ll stick around, wanting to see their projects through to completion. They’ll begin to care about your vision just as much as you do.  

Appreciate them   

Treat your contract employees like they’re essential. They’re not disposable beings that you sever ties with as soon as their contract is up. Include them in social events, in team meetings, and offer praise and encouragement just as you would with all your other employees. Contract work can be lonely, but if you treat your contract employees like they’re part of the team, they’ll act like it, working hard to support everyone else’s efforts and the company’s mission. On the other hand, if you neglect them, they’ll want to flee as soon as the contract is up.  

Hear their feedback   

Your contract employees have opinions and insights and ideas that can help make your company better, so give them the chance to share. Encourage them to speak up in meetings, check-in with them regularly, and welcome their viewpoint. They’ll feel like a respected and trusted partner, part of your united team, and not just an add-on, peripheral person.    

Align your priorities   

As you hear their views and opinions, act on it. You don’t have to listen to every little piece of advice they offer, but as you hear their feedback, it’s pretty impactful when you do a follow-up. Not only does it show the contractor that they’re important and you care about what they have to say, but it also shows the rest of your employees that, too. Remember that contractors have a unique perspective in your industry and might provide some pretty crucial tips. Help them achieve their personal career goals and add in bonuses when you want to incentivize them. When you’re loyal and committed to them, they’ll do the same for you.  

Ready to staff up?  

SSi People Staffing is committed to helping you find motivated contract employees who will engage in their work and stay loyal to your company. For help vetting and selecting those candidates, contact our team today. 

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