Building Your Corporate Brand with Dan Davenport

In this episode of Off The Cuff, Christina was honored to welcome Dan Davenport to the podcast to discuss his career in marketing and brand development. Dan has been advising companies and organizations on their marketing strategies and branding for over 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to this episode. 

Dan unpacks some of the evolutions in marketing within the B2B space while discussing the current state of building a meaningful brand voice within the staffing industry. In addition to addressing the status of B2B marketing, Christina and Dan also discuss some of the evolutions in digital marketing and technology while addressing how marketers who use current platforms, such as TikTok, must first consider their target demographic. 

In addition to discussing some of the essentials of effective marketing strategies, Dan and Christina also share stories with listeners about the fundamental importance of developing and fostering a strong and healthy corporate culture even before you start the nuts and bolts of logo design, color palettes, and taglines. 

Topics Include:

  • Transitioning from Consumer to B2B Marketing
  • The State of Branding in the Staffing World 
  • The Importance of a Strong Corporate Culture
  • How Technology Is Affecting Marketing Strategies 
  • The Essential Tools For Marketing Teams
  • The Journey From Brand Development to Sales Enablement

About Dan:

Dan Davenport is a Global Marketing Consultant with over a decade of experience in the marketing and branding world. Dan has extensive experience in marketing, brand development, and execution, as well as sales and service management. Dan is skilled at translating opportunities into specific growth strategies, and goals into actionable steps that positively impact the balance sheet. 

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