Should You Take A Tech Free Vacation?

People today are absolutely inundated with technology. Most people spend the vast majority of their time staring at one device or another: their mobile phone, their computer screen, and their television. But vacations are intended to be a break from the rigors of modern day life. And that’s what has led many to embrace the concept of a “tech free” vacation. A tech free vacation, for many people, is also a stress free vacation.

The Psychological Component of Connectivity

Over half of the smartphone users in the United States will check their phone every single hour. Electronic devices have proven to be addictive in and of themselves, prompting individuals to constantly stress about what they might find. Emails, text messages, and other forms of connectivity are used for business as well as pleasure, giving a certain sense of urgency to each interaction. Some users will even begin to hallucinate the sounds of their phone going off because of the stress that they feel; this state of hyper-vigilance can ultimately lead to anxiety.  A tech free vacation can serve as a type of “detox” for those who have experienced these issues with technology, resetting their natural balance and making it easier for them to relax on their vacation.

Enjoying the Experience of a Vacation

Not only can smartphones and other devices lead to stress, but they can also distract individuals from their own vacations. Even group and organizational exercises (such as team-building exercises) can be improved through the use of a “tech free” strategy. Individuals without technology are able to better appreciate nature, can spend more quality time with their family, and can focus on the tasks that are in front of them. Ultimately, choosing a tech free vacation enables the individual to live in the moment rather than focusing on work, entertainment media, or social platforms. It’s a scenario in which taking too many pictures of scenery could potentially prevent an individual from enjoying the scenery itself.

Getting Out of the Work Mindset

Finally, a vital part of a tech free vacation lies in simply ensuring that work is avoided. Many people have found it impossible to avoid their work; their phone can always receive calls and work emails are almost always directed to their phone. By shutting down smartphones and avoiding WiFi connectivity, people can enjoy their vacations without having to think about the work that they’re going to have to inevitably return to later on. This is most important for workaholics who find themselves otherwise ignoring their family time. Going on a minor tech free vacation can even be important for those who simply want to unwind after their work day.

Tech free vacations are becoming more popular as technology becomes more ubiquitous and well-integrated with how society works. But it’s also important to have a solid work-life balance in general. The job listings at Software Specialists can make it easy for you to find a position that will work well with your family and social life. If you’re finding yourself wishing that your job had a better vacation package to begin with, contact the Software Specialists today.

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