Top Programming Languages in 2016

Programming isn’t just about skill and aptitude. Often, it’s about the tools that programmers use. Programmers have to be up to date on the most popular programming languages if they want to remain competitive within the market. Here are the languages that are proving to be the most popular in 2016.


With data being as important as it now is, it’s understandable that SQL is the most in demand and in use programming language. SQL is often used with other languages; though a programmer may program something in Java or C#, they will almost always invariably interact with their actual database through SQL. Because of this, SQL is important for nearly every type of programmer.


Java remains an exceptionally important and valuable programming language because of its cross-platform performance and compatibility. Java can be ported to nearly any device and remains the language of choice for many development kits. The popularity of this language is often due to the balance that it strikes, between power and accessibility. It’s fairly easy to use but still offers deeper access to complex functionality.


JavaScript is most commonly used for server-side web development. It’s used in virtually every website today. For those who want to be web programmers, JavaScript is going to be one of the most important languages. PHP and SQL are two other languages that will be critical for full stack programmers. Even web designers may find learning some rudimentary JavaScript valuable.


C# has taken some time to eclipse C++, but it’s finally succeeded. C# is a fantastic all around programming language, much like Java. For those interested in learning a C-class language, C# will usually be the best option. It has a powerful library and will be familiar to those who are already knowledgeable about C++. C# is also widely considered to be easier and more accessible than its predecessors.


Compared to C++ and Java, Python is often considered to be remarkable for its accessibility. Because of this, it’s often the first language that programmers learn. The downside to Python is that it is aging and so are its benefits. It has been eclipsed by some modern languages but is still very popular. Many programmers keep Python in their arsenal specifically for the purpose of rapid prototyping, and Python is often used in mobile development.


C++ is still used for many applications, but it is eventually going to become deprecated, especially as many programmers are switching to C#. Though C++ is still a valuable language to learn, programmers should keep in mind the fact that it may not remain popular through the decade. But it will always be a more than capable language.

The programming market is growing more intense each passing day, especially with the effects of globalization and outsourcing. If you want to secure a position in programming, you may need a partner to help. Software Specialists can help you get started immediately through a wide inventory of job listings and job market advice tailored to you.

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