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Does Your Resume Showcase Your Career Achievements?

At some point in the past, you may have learned it’s usually best to err on the side of modesty. However, modesty isn’t the best policy when it comes to writing your resume. Hiring managers are on the lookout for …read more

Why pursue a DevOps strategy?

When companies are able to integrate their development staff with their operations staff, they are able to create a comprehensive DevOps strategy. A DevOps strategy is designed to improve upon efficiency by better integrating two of the most important and interrelated departments within an …read more

How To Retain Your Top IT Talent

With regards to managing employees, there’s one thing everybody appears to agree on: You want to keep great people around. Holding your top workers isn’t simple; however, particularly when it comes to retaining top technical talent on your team. When …read more

Tips to Being a Better IT Manager

Technical supervisors tend to be promoted to their positions of leadership by rising up the company ranks, more so than most other professions. This is a sensible development given that company decisions today increasingly depend on the fine details of …read more

Ways To Be A More Productive Developer

Most developers fight with the urge to be productive from time to time. It’s easy to understand why: developing can be a mentally and emotionally exhausting task. Not only does developing require constant mental acuity, but the job position of …read more