Understanding the Role of an IT Developer

An IT developer can fill many roles. IT developers may be responsible for the development of an individual software suite within an organization. They may develop products for an organization or they may develop proprietary systems that are only used internally. Regardless, IT developers are generally the individuals who are in control of the software development for a given project. Their skills and their roles will differ with the organization.


The Role of an IT Developer

It is essentially the developer’s major goal to take the specifications of a project and create a functional software solution. Because of this, an IT developer often needs to work very closely with other team members, both to determine the scope of the project and to continually optimize and improve the project as needed. IT developers may work with a variety of different project management strategies, such as the AGILE strategy.

Useful Skills for an IT Developer

  • Programming languages. Most developers specialize in a specific programming language, such as Java or C++. The most sought after programmers may be very well-experienced in a number of different programming languages, though many companies are only looking for specialists in a specific type of coding. There is often a bridge between web developers (PHP/ASP) and other software developers (Java/C++).
  • Development environments. Developers will need to be able to use IDEs and other development kits and environments, but which are most useful will often depend on the environment at the organization that they are being hired under. The Microsoft development kits can be particularly useful for those who will be frequently programming in a Microsoft environment.
  • Current technologies. Development is changing very quickly, with many companies transitioning to the cloud, mobile devices and other new environments. Developers must keep abreast of these new technologies if they are going to remain competitive within their fields.
  • Soft skills. People skills can be a necessity for developers in certain fields, such as developers who are mostly focused on testing. Developers need to be able to explain their product to others and may often be called upon to explain why certain functions may not necessarily be feasible or cost-effective. Developers may also need to work in fairly large teams and will consequently need to be “team players.”

The Career Path of an IT Developer

IT developers often begin as entry-level employees, but as they advance they can become project managers, senior developers, software engineers or any other number of specializations. As they become more experienced, IT developers can command substantial salaries and may become the head of larger departments. An IT developer may eventually become a Chief Technology Officer, if they move towards upper-level management. IT developers who are very experienced and sought after are generally called engineers, though they may also be known as architects. Some may specialize in security, in product testing, or in user experience; there are many different specializations within the field.

IT development encompasses a fairly broad spectrum of software development. Nevertheless, whether you’re looking for an IT developer or you’re an IT developer looking for a job, the listings at Software Specialists can help.

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