Technologies transforming software development

Software development is a field that is constantly changing. Whether hiring within the industry or attempting to be hired, individuals have to be knowledgeable about the ways in which the field has changed and the direction that it’s moving in. Within just the past decade, significant changes were made in the focus of software development and in the types of developers that are being trained and are now desired. Many, though not all, of these changes have been driven by technology.

Different, More Specific Languages

For decades, most programmers could get away with learning a single core language. Java, C++, and Python have been leaders within the industry for some time, and most programmers who understood the intricacies of these languages would be able to do well in virtually any company. But the last few years have introduced more specific languages. Some of these languages, such as R, have existed for some time but only now come into vogue. Programmers are now expected to have a more extensive skill set of specialized languages that they can switch between like tools.

Data Science and Database Management

Data science used to be a niche specialty for programmers and developers but it’s now become necessary for every developer to know. Data science is incredibly important as a function of nearly every software system, ranging from simple apps to more advanced machine learning. Developers who aren’t keeping up with data science may find it difficult to get a development job.

Frameworks and Libraries

In the past, developers were usually able to build their projects from the ground up; in fact, it was often encouraged to do so because they would have a better understanding of the intricacies of their software (and less bloat). But now that the technology is there that bloat in itself is not necessarily the worst aspect of a project, frameworks and libraries are being heavily used and included. Employers today are specifically looking for developers who are familiar with specific frameworks.

API Usage

Similarly, though it used to be common to custom code nearly everything, developers today are utilizing APIs more than ever. The most common types of API, such as those that engage with common software products such as Salesforce or WordPress, are expected to be fairly common knowledge among developers. Some employers may be looking for developers who are familiar with specific APIs, which was unusual in the past.

As a Service Solutions

Finally, as a service solutions have vastly altered the landscape  for most developers, who are now finding themselves frequently foregoing native applications in favor of remote, as a service applications. This has radically changed the dynamics of developing and programming, and put an emphasis more on networking technologies and accessibility.

Software developing is going to continue to grow and shift. In general, it is becoming a more rapid fire industry, dedicated to being able to develop and deploy faster, and to creating more agile and adaptable software suites. Developers will have to branch out into a variety of new tool sets and environments, and often become a “jack of all trades.” For more information about the current industry, you can look at the listings at The Software Specialists.

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