SSi People Crystal Ball: 2024 Tech and Engineering Job Predictions

2024 tech and engineering job predictions

As a leader in tech and engineering staffing and recruiting, SSi People continues to monitor the market to ensure we are effectively guiding our clients to find their top hires and successfully helping job seekers land their next great opportunity.

Based on trends, we are excited about the expected upswing in tech and engineering hiring in 2024! Here’s why:


1. Companies are hiring

Reports showed that over 80% of IT leaders were planning on increasing headcount late in 2023. Current sentiment is mixed as we head into 2024 if that level of hiring will continue; however, Indeed is showing that layoffs have slowed and remain low, and demand for tech is still there, particularly with all industry verticals diving into tech. Demand for engineering jobs will grow, especially in industrial, mechanical, and electrical specialties. Our SSi team has seen an uptick in these areas for our clients.

2. Talent is keeping options open

Tech talent pipelines will widen, and while it’s still a tight labor market, hiring managers may have increased candidate choice. According to Dice, “nearly one-third of technology professionals are actively searching for a new job, and 60% are considering changing employers within the next year.” Competition will still be tough, though, because more and more non-tech industries are also working to attract tech professionals!

3. AI won’t replace jobs but will enhance them

AI won’t replace jobs, but candidates will have to know something about it because it is a growing skill request. It doesn’t necessarily mean that each tech or engineering candidate must know how to develop AI tools, but understanding how to use them to enhance what they do each day will be a plus. AI is going to help professionals work faster, streamline tasks, and open up time to allow them to innovate.

4. Unique “superpowers” will stand out

Specialists will be in high demand, especially those in the engineering sector who understand sustainability strategies that will satisfy the growing body of regulations while creating efficiencies that can adapt with innovation. Likewise, in tech, we will need information security experts to ward off attacks, but a growing area for protection are technologists who understand data privacy and compliance.

5. Help Wanted RIGHT NOW

Contingent labor use will increase because of the enhanced need to fill skills gaps and quick market changes. For example, with the rising threat of cyberattacks, companies that must urgently diffuse a potential catastrophe or comply with new laws need someone in place with the skills to solve it – yesterday. A tech consultant, fully vetted and delivered by a trusted IT staffing partner, satisfies this sense of urgency. With technology advancing so quickly, new methodologies and hands-on skills need to keep pace; by hiring talent quickly for a determined engagement, companies solve needs immediately and can then pivot to a long-term hiring strategy once they’ve come up for air.

2024 tech and engineering jobs

The Growing Importance of IT and Engineering in Business

Technology continues to be a key factor in the success of most companies, as technology experts lead the way. When hiring, it’s important to remember that qualified candidates will still have options, even amid talk of a “tech slowdown.” In addition, the already difficult task of filling IT and engineering roles will continue to be a challenge for the future. Staffing firms specializing in technical and engineering positions will see a rise in demand for data engineers, AI and machine learning experts, and engineers with expertise in sustainability and environmental innovation.

While the crystal ball gives us a glimpse into the tech and engineering employment landscape for 2024, it’s important to take action early to address workforce challenges and devise a sustainable hiring strategy for the new year and beyond. As a trusted staffing partner in IT and Engineering, SSi People is here to listen to your concerns and ideas for staffing solutions and work together to build a plan tailored to your organization. Contact our recruiting and staffing experts today to talk.

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