3 signs it’s time to look for new suppliers

3 signs it's time to look for new suppliers

You don’t need us to tell you how busy it is inside an MSP. Things move fast, and you rely on an entire network of suppliers, vendors, and partners to ensure you’re delivering on your client promises. One weak link in the system, and your ability to deliver falters, which could damage relationships and ultimately cost you business. 

Here’s how to recognize it’s time to look for new suppliers

Sometimes we get so busy during our days and weeks that we miss important signs that something is amiss. Identifying “warning signs” before they impact results and your bottom line  is essential. Here are three especially important signs it’s time to start casting a net and look for new suppliers:

1. You’re constantly asking for more/better candidates. 

The most obvious sign that a supplier isn’t the right fit (or that you need to add suppliers) is probably the most important one. If you’re unhappy with the quality and quantity of candidates being submitted by your suppliers, it’s time to look. 

Supplying you with candidates who are a strong fit for the role and client, are ready to work, and have a strong relationship with their recruiting firm is the #1 priority of any exceptional supplier. If your suppliers don’t have the processes, network, and most importantly, the recruiters in place to deliver on that priority, we won’t mince words: it’s time to move on. 

2. You’re waiting too long for subs

Of course, the right candidates are essential. But, if it’s taking too long for those subs, your ability to deliver great talent to your clients, when THEY need them, is compromised. At SSi People, we know what it takes to deliver great talent, quickly. We appreciate being held to the highest standards, because we want to be pushed and continuously strive to do and be better. It’s that drive and commitment that has helped us win numerous industry and supplier awards.  

If you find that you’re constantly waiting too long for quality subs from your suppliers, consider returning that sales call or following up with that prospective supplier who reached out, but the timing wasn’t quite right. The timing may be better than you initially thought!

3. Consultants are constantly asking your clients questions they should be asking their recruiting firm

We’ve had many conversations with both our MSP clients and their end clients, and this is a major frustration across the board. When your suppliers are doing their job effectively, your consultants know how to submit time cards, when they’re getting paid, when their contract is about to end, what’s next, and more. They should NEVER be asking your clients these questions. This makes you look bad, at a minimum, and causes unnecessary frustrations with your clients. 

Here at SSi People, from our refined onboarding process to our dedicated consultant care managers (CCMs), who work with consultants from their first day at SSi to ensure they’re having a great experience, our talent knows they’re a part of the SSi People team. They know all the important details. And they’re PROUD to work for us, but with your clients. 

It sounds like such a simple difference maker, and yet it is incredibly powerful. We build and maintain such strong relationships with our consultants, they make you look good, and they make life much easier for your clients. If we’re not making you look, we want to know it. And any good supplier should feel the same way. 

It’s time to raise your supplier expectations. SSi can deliver.

Don’t settle for suppliers who overpromise and underdeliver. At SSi People, we put people first — that’s why it’s in our name! Everything we do, every decision we make, happens because it helps us deliver better results for our clients and consultants. When a company is SO aligned on its mission, it becomes easy to deliver results. 

We want to deliver those results for you. To learn more about SSi People and see how we can help you, contact us today. 

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