3 ways to know when you can trust a recruiter

3 ways to know you can trust a recruiter

If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you hear from a lot of recruiters. If you’re in IT, engineering, pharma, or healthcare, the number goes up significantly. And right now, we also know that you’re REALLY busy. When you’re busy, it can be hard to know when you can actually trust a recruiter, versus when you should hit ‘ignore.’

In our conversations with professionals like you, our recruiters get a lot of feedback. We hear about what you enjoy when it comes to working with recruiters. Plus, what recruiters do that can frustrate you beyond belief (actually, if you search for “candidates hate recruiters,” you’ll get over 529,000 results!). Plus, everything in between!

How to know when you can trust a recruiter

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, you tell us that you’re open to a new and better opportunity. Or you know someone who is looking for work. You just don’t know which recruiter is worth your time. You repeatedly share with us that a successful recruiting relationship begins with trust.

Although we understand that everyone’s specific situation is unique, there are most often three strong traits that can signify a recruiter is trustworthy. Every day here at SSi People, our recruiters aim high to ensure they’re delivering on these — plus many more — key traits that are important to you:

1. They openly share important details. 

The most trustworthy recruiters know you’re being bombarded with messages from other recruiters, so they get to the point quickly. They know what information you need to make the best decision, and they get right to it. 

What does that mean exactly? They give you the job title, description, duration, and salary without hesitation. If there is a concrete start date, they let you know that too.

Of course, they’ll introduce themselves first. But then they get right down to business because they know that you’re busy.

2. They’re honest and don’t evade your questions. 

This one is huge. We’ve all been contacted by recruiters who didn’t answer your questions by changing the subject or half-answering questions instead of giving you the full answer. 

This should be a given, and not something you have to ask for or request from a recruiter. Honesty is one of the most basic components of a trustworthy person in any role, after all! 

To start, recruiters should share their name (their real name, as we know that some recruiters unfortunately use placeholder names), what company they’re calling from, and why they’re calling. 

Here at SSi People, our recruiters share that information first thing when they reach out to you via phone call, voicemail, email, or text (although it can take a few messages to get it all into a text!). 

Because we’re a staffing & recruiting firm that works with clients across the country, we let you know that right away. Some recruiters may try to play with wording to confuse you and make you think they are calling directly from who is really a client. 

This is important because the process is different when you work with a recruiter from a staffing firm. But, when you work with a trustworthy recruiter, it makes all the difference. That recruiter walks you through what the process entails, explains why they need certain information (like your birthday, social security number, etcetera). Then, they explain what will happen after they submit you to the client for their consideration. 

Honesty. It’s so simple and easy. Yet, it can be hard to find a recruiter who personifies honesty (we have some good news, though, it’s not hard to find honest recruiters at SSi People!).

3. They stay in touch after they submit your resume. 

The most trustworthy recruiters know that submitting a candidate like you for a client opening isn’t a transaction, it’s the start of a relationship! Your career is more than one contract. So, building a relationship with your recruiter can prove valuable and rewarding.

As long as the recruiter makes an effort. 

After all, it bears repeating. You’re busy. You shouldn’t have to reach out to your recruiter — your recruiter (or, here at SSi People, once you begin your assignment, you also gain a Consultant Care Manager, who is there to answer all your questions and ensure you have everything you need) should be proactively reaching out to you. Your recruiter (or CCM as noted previously) should reach out to you when your contract is almost up to see what you’re looking for and suggest new opportunities. They see how you’re doing and if you need anything. 

They care, and they follow up to show you that they care. 

Are you looking or open to a new job? 

Our recruiters want to help you advance your career, and they work hard to earn your trust — and keep it. We’re currently hiring for a range of positions with our clients across the U.S.. To learn more and apply for a job, visit our website. 

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