4 Ways to Revamp Your Leadership Skills in 2019

All leaders have strengths and weaknesses. Some leaders are poor communicators and simply expect employees to all be on the same page; while some leaders micromanage their employees and try to do everything themselves.

If you’re looking to be a better leader for 2019, there’s no time like the present to start working on it. Consider the following four tips on how you can revamp and refresh your leadership skills.

1) The ability to trust

Some leaders spent a lot of time redoing the work of their staff members. From finding simple mistakes to wanting a different approach to a task, these leaders are don’t trust their employees’ work. When this is a part of someone’s leadership style, staff members often stop trying to contribute out of frustration.

One of many jobs of a leader is to empower staff members with the freedom to flourish, which results in them doing their best work. Create a work culture that allows people to take chances and succeed by setting clear expectations and making room for occasional mistakes. Rather than stepping in to finish or fix things, coach your staff members through the process. With this approach, you will see employees meeting your standards.

2) Good communication

Even somebody that does really well in many facets of leadership will be limited if they are  not a solid communicator.

If you want to boost your communication skills, start by talking with your team to identify any dormant misunderstandings. Then, arrange for regular check-ins to ensure that everybody stays on the same page.

Regardless of where you are on the totem pole or your job duties, you can work on communication. If you excel at written reports, but do poorly in meetings, consider public speaking classes. Or, if you’re a naturally confident speaker, but bad grammar always trips up your written communication, you can look for grammar apps and tools.

Rather than relying on your communication strength, improve whatever area of your abilities are lacking. It will make you a more effective leader and position you for advancement up the company ladder.

3) Team building

Another critical part of being an effective leader is putting together the most effective team. You can start developing this skill by paying attention to your workers’ strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding how various types of people work together will allow you to make smart decisions when it comes time to put together a team for a big project. It’s also important to see individuals who have unique strengths or backgrounds as key contributors, not roadblocks.

4) Positivity

When you must deal with the grind of the workday throughout the week, it can be tough to stay positive, and remaining positive in the face of adversity truly is a skill.

People are naturally attracted leaders with a positive attitude. Work to maintain good physical and mental health, both of which support positivity.

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