4 Websites To Find Raleigh IT & Tech Jobs

Are you looking for an IT or tech position in Raleigh? You’re in luck. Raleigh has a wealth of position available to those who are qualified and experienced. When looking for a career in tech, you’re often better off looking for specialized sites that focus primarily on tech. Here are some general and specialized resources to start you on your job search.

Government Jobs in the City of Raleigh

Government Jobs is one of the best places to look if you’re hoping to get into government work. To procure the best government work in the field of IT, you should have some basic certifications and potentially security clearance. Government jobs do usually have a lengthy hiring process and they aren’t available often, so if you’re truly interested it’s important to start early. Only about fifty jobs in total are available in Raleigh at any given time, and only a fraction of these government jobs are in the field of IT and tech.


Indeed is one of the most popular places to find high salaried positions, compared to the more entry level focused Monster. Jobs on Indeed can be filtered based on experience, salary, job type, and more, making it easier to drill down to exactly what you want. You can also set alerts on Indeed so that the website updates you whenever there is a new job that meets your criteria. There are many companies that do their recruiting primarily through Indeed, so you can even gain access to positions that aren’t currently in the classifieds. Indeed can save your employment information to make the applying process easier and can suggest positions to you.

Triangle Jobs Raleigh

Triangle Jobs is the listing site to check if you just want some brief information about the best opportunities available. Though you probably shouldn’t use this as a primary source in your job hunt, it’s an excellent secondary source, as it provides all of the information that you need about select job listings. Triangle Jobs also gives you some basic information about the cities that you’re looking in and the current job market within Raleigh. It’s built upon CareerBuilder and lets you utilize all of its major features.

Software Specialists

Software Specialists maintains a listing of the best IT and tech positions within select communities. The above websites are all fairly general websites that will give you a good cross-section of the Raleigh market. But if you really want IT and tech jobs, it’s often more important to specialize. Through Software Specialists, you can get a list of the best IT positions that are currently available, including very detailed information regarding job descriptions, companies, and requirements. You can even contact Software Specialists for more information about each of these positions, which is a service that the other listed classifieds sites do not provide.

There are always new opportunities in Raleigh, and having someone on your side can make it far easier to get a good position. Software Specialists provides connections between employers and employees to make finding the perfect fit even faster. Contact Software Specialists today to learn more about the job market in Raleigh and to review current job listings.

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