5 Best Tips to Attract Millennials To Your Company

Hiring decisions should not be based on age. However, many companies are watching their workforces become grayer and grayer. As Baby Boomers near retirement age, there is a greater demand than ever to hire and retain younger workers.

In order to appeal to Millennials in the workforce, companies need to make branding adjustments and changes in priorities. These changes include ditching the top-down, cubicle-based workplace in favor of a flatter, more transparent management style and a vibrant work environment.

Below are just a few tips on how your company can appeal to younger professionals.

Set the stage for a vibrant culture

Doing business in a cubicle farm, in an office park in the suburbs, isn’t going to turn off most Baby Boomers and many Gen Xers, but Millennials will see it as a stodgy cliché straight out of the film Office Space.

Millennials gravitate toward a workplace that inspires them and makes feel like part of a vibrant company. Open floor plans with gathering spaces foster collaboration and give employees the autonomy to either focus on their work or collaborate as need be.

Adjustable spaces

Many tech companies are leading the way when it comes to inspirational workspaces, and some of these companies are using an adaptable workspace that can be reconfigured to add in new technology or provide a refreshed look.

Changing up media and design elements in workspaces can provide a burst or inspiration and keep things fresh.

Empower innovation in employees

All employees want to be able to make meaningful contributions, but the ability to develop unique solutions is particularly attractive to a generation that grew up customizing their MySpace pages and figure out various software programs.

Even if your company isn’t the kind of business that lives and dies by innovation, there’s always room to improve processes and employees are perfectly positioned to come up with new solutions.

Embrace industry-standard technology

For decades, using off-brand, inexpensive software solutions were a smart way of doing business. However, Millennials realize that their careers are dependent on industry standard technology and if your company isn’t using industry standard programs, younger employees will see the software as a drag on their skill set.

That being said, you don’t need to chase the latest hot app or software package. You simply need to invest in brand name products widely considered to be industry standards.

Don’t fear change

Millennials can of age at a time when one technology quickly replaced another. Pagers were made irrelevant by cell phone in less than a decade. Nintendo gaming systems were quickly replaced by Sega systems, which were replaces by Playstations. The result? Millennials probably fear change less than any other generation.

If you want your company to appeal to Millennials, it should constantly be on the looking for updates.

At SSi People , we work with our clients to ensure their workforce has the diversity they need to succeed. If your company is currently in need of a custom staffing solution, please contact us today.

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