5 Characteristics to Look For When Searching for the Right Tech Talent

Hiring can be a very intimidating process. You have to attract or recruit the right talent, screen candidates and determine, often with minimal data from interviews and background checks, whether this person is the right fit for your company. And if you make a mistake and hire someone who’s not, you have to start the whole process over again, costing time and money. Fortunately, if you’re prepared with a list of top traits you’re looking for, you can make sure you identify the perfect candidate. Here are five characteristics to look for when you’re searching for the right tech talent.   



Whether you call it energy, passion, or enthusiasm, it’s probably the number one trait makes one candidate stand out from the rest. Genuine interest and enthusiasm for your industry and company will generate motivation, a positive attitude, adaptability, and an aptitude for solving problems. Technology is a rapidly changing industry and it takes a lot of work to keep up with its evolution and new trends. You need to be hiring people with that type of energy and innate interest.   



If energy and passion are the most important quality in a new hire, communication is a close second. Look for candidates who express themselves well in emails, in their cover letter and resume, as well as in person. Do they articulate, give rational responses, and have effective body language—eye contact, posture? And perhaps most importantly, do they listen and follow directions?   



Try to evaluate each candidate’s drive—both personal and professional. You want candidates who are looking to grow and advance and learn new skills. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll want a promotion every six months, it means having employees who want professional development. Ask about any conferences or workshops or classes they’ve taken. And ask about personal hobbies and pursuits, too. If they’re driven and motivated in their personal lives, sometimes that hard work and diligence carries over into the professional realm as well.  


Cultural fit

A candidate’s ability to fit in with everyone else on your team might seem like a bonus, but it’s pretty crucial. If someone doesn’t fit in or get along with others, it can create divisiveness or discontent, possibly even causing employees to leave. Ask about their preferred work style and personality to see if it would gel with your team.  


Emotional intelligence

You want a candidate who can perceive their own emotions and the emotions of others, overcome setbacks, and productively handle feedback. If you hire someone who can’t read others’ emotions or pouts when they receive constructive criticism, you’re asking for drama and interpersonal issues.   


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