5 Essential Software Engineering Skills For 2016

From cloud technology to mobile app development software engineering is a constantly and rapidly changing industry. Software engineers will need to brush up on their modern skills if they are to remain competitive for 2016. Here are a few of the most important skills for cloud engineers in the coming year.

1. MySQL and SQL

It’s all about data. Modern software engineers absolutely need to be experts in MySQL, SQL, and related data technologies. It isn’t enough to be just a database administrator; software engineers need to be experts in database analysis, optimization, and management. That being said, more obscure technologies such as NoSQL may not be as in demand, but are still incredibly competitive; though there aren’t as many NoSQL and similar positions, there are even fewer specialists.

2. Javascript

The line between web development and traditional software engineering is rapidly becoming blurred due to the widespread adoption of “as a service” technologies. One core skill that transfers into both mediums is Javascript. Javascript remains essential to the development of web-based applications and mobile applications, in addition to being utilized throughout a variety of programming environments. Javascript is the ideal software engineering skill for engineers who work closely with web back-ends and other web-based environments.

3. .NET

Microsoft provides its own comprehensive environments for software engineers. Engineers who wish to work closely with Microsoft environments will need to be knowledgeable in .NET, Microsoft SQL, and ASP. Hiring managers and agencies that have this type of environment will primarily look for .NET engineers.

4. Linux

Linux isn’t gone. Far from it. Linux has seen a significant resurgence since the introduction of smart devices, many of which utilize Linux-based operating systems. Software engineers interested in mobile and smart technology, corporate servers, and other advanced technologies will need to be specialized in Linux systems. Linux knowledge has become highly competitive, as the market has shifted away from Linux previously.

5. Java and C++

Software engineers wondering which language is most in demand need look no further. If an engineer achieves expertise in a single language, it should be Java. If they work with two languages, it should be Java and C++. C# and C have both decreased in demand over the last year but they are still incredibly popular, and Python is another extremely in demand language. Modern software engineers will likely find the “master of none” strategy less effective in 2016; employers currently look for individuals with expertise in a single language rather than knowledge of a multitude of languages.

Software engineers looking to brush up their skills will want to focus on the above talents, especially the core languages and contemporary data technologies. Modern organizations will see increased value in working with teams of software engineering experts, especially as technology becomes both more advanced and more specialized. For more information about the constantly changing field of software engineering, contact the Software Specialists.

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