5 Places To Find Pittsburgh IT Jobs

Pittsburgh has a booming IT industry and a wealth of jobs available. But that can make it a challenge to find the right one. There are countless classifieds to sort through, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of position. If you’re trying to find solid leads for your IT career, here are the top five places you can begin your search.

1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the largest resources for professional jobs, including those in Pittsburgh. Indeed lets you choose positions by salary, job type, location, and company. Many organizations today complete their hiring solely through Indeed classifieds. In general, the positions on Indeed tend to be more advanced and higher paid than Monster, as there are more substantial costs for listing a classified on this resource. On Indeed, you can upload your resume, work experience, and education, so that you can easily apply for the positions that appeal to you.

2. Monster

Monster is another global job resource, though it focuses more on entry-level and intermediate-level positions. Like Indeed, Monster lets you select positions based on salary and type, letting you streamline your job search. You can apply for jobs directly through the website and you can set automated searches to alert you when jobs you may be interested in are available.

3. Imagine Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for something local, ImaginePittsburgh.com is a fantastic resource. ImaginePittsburg.com contains thousands of local job listings, which include those in the technology industry. There are listings for everything from technical writers to computer user support specialists. There are many local companies in Pittsburgh who use ImaginePittsburgh.com as one of their primary classified services.

4. PGH Tech

Another local resource is the Pittsburgh Technology Council Career Connector. The Career Connector stores a total of 14,310 resumes and has 2,530 new job seekers each month. PGH Tech is not as active as the other resources on this list, but it’s nevertheless valuable because it has such a niche scope; all of the jobs listed will have to do with technology and be located in Pittsburgh. As of April 2016, there are a total of 700 jobs listed on PGH Tech.

5. And Don’t Forget the Software Specialists

At Software Specialists, we maintain a carefully curated list of the best jobs available throughout the northeast. Our localized job listings have an easy to use job application process, and we can quickly review your information to tell you whether we have positions that are ideal for you. We pride ourselves in being able to find the perfect fits for both our company clients and prospective employees.

The Pittsburgh IT industry is a competitive market. It’s worth it to take some time to find the best fit, in terms of your skill set, your goals, and your ideal company culture. You can also contact us directly to learn more about our current job listings.

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