6 Reasons You Need to Be Use a Specialized Recruiting Company To Staff

Many companies rely on staffing firms to find the right talent in today’s highly competitive labor market. When these companies are looking at their options, one of their choices is whether to go with a general staffing company or a specialized staffing firm.

For companies looking to fill specialty positions, a specialized recruiting company is often the better way to go. Specialty companies focus on a particular field like technology or logistics and this specialization allows them to gain a deep knowledge of the field and all its various positions.

If your company is currently looking to fill specialty roles, consider the following reasons why it makes sense to work with a specialized staffing firm.


With extensive talent networks in their field of focus, specialized recruitment firms can dramatically reduce time-to-fill cycles, locating top best-fit talent rapidly. Therefore, if you have a major project deadline you are trying to meet, a staffing company can allow you to source a qualified contract worker to complete the project by the due date.

Lower Costs

When you go to a specialized company, you have a faster, more efficient way to source specialty talent. This significantly reduces overhead and the costs associated with hiring, such as productivity lost due to being understaffed.


While general staffing firms are very capable of understanding staffing needs, recruiting processes and workplace culture, it takes specific knowledge about an industry in order to best fill specialty positions. Specialized firms understand the various positions, mandatory skill sets and sought-after soft skills of their industry to discover the right candidate who will thrive in their unique role.

Better Access to Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are job seekers who aren’t actively looking for a new job but would be willing to listen if the right job offer came along. Accessing these difficult-to-recruit workers is much easier if the staffing recruiter contacting them can speak the same language. Because they work across so many fields, general staffing recruiters are less able to have a deep conversation about available specialty positions.

Acquired Credibility

People who work in specialized fields are much more likely to connect with a staffing firm that specializes in their field than a general staffing agency. A company looking to fill a specialty position acquires some of this credibility when trying to acquire talent through a specialized staffing firm.

Better Hiring Decisions

A specialized staffing company is very familiar with the industry talent pool. Specialized recruiters know which candidates are punching above their weight and which candidates are below average. Therefore, an employer who uses a specialized firm can make smarter hiring decisions than if a general staffing company was used.

At SSi People , we focus on the areas of IT, engineering and professional administrative staffing. If your organization is currently looking to fill positions in these fields, please contact us today to discuss a wide range of talent acquisition solutions.

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