Advantages of Custom PHP Development

PHP is the most popular back-end development language in the world (JavaScript is the most popular front-end language), and for good reason. Not only is it free and open source, but it also has a huge library to draw from and many talented developers. Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia all run on platforms built on PHP and MySQL. But custom PHP development isn’t just advantageous for very large businesses; it’s also a good idea for everyone from small business owners to solo entrepreneurs. Custom PHP development empowers you to build a website that is tailored to your company’s needs, including customer contact forms, quotes, and tools.

PHP is the Best Language for Easy Access

Even if you already know that you need a custom site, you need to choose a back-end language. PHP isn’t the only option: there’s also ASP.NET, Java, and C. But PHP has some major advantages over these other technologies: it’s free, easy to use, and there are a lot of developers who specialize in it. PHP is ideal for rapid deployment, and the costs of developing in PHP will usually be far lower than the costs in developing in other specialized languages. PHP also has an astonishingly large community, which provides both code and guidance.

PHP Applications Provide a Better Customer Experience

Through PHP, customers can be given an engaging and interactive experience. Not only can PHP be used to create responsive websites, which operate on both mobile and PC platforms, but they can also be used to collect information from the customer and to educate the customer on their options. Through cookies, customer visits can be detected and customers can be given different information each time they access the site. Customers can also be allowed to complete purchases through the website, or receive automated quotes. The more a customer interacts with your website, the more likely they are to commit.

PHP Can Be Used for Better SEO

A custom-designed website can be built around search engine optimization, so that your website is more visible to customers and more likely to be returned in relevant search results. It isn’t enough to just rank highly. You want to make sure you’re ranking highly for search queries that are going to lead to a sale. That takes custom work. While there are website templates available, they aren’t going to be tailored to your company’s products, services, or needs. PHP can even be used to create customized landing pages for different SEO campaigns.

When custom built, PHP websites provide better highlighting for your products, and that’s something that any business needs. PHP development is fast, affordable, and easy, and can give you the tools that your organization needs to build a social media presence and to even begin securing online sales. If you’re interested in looking for a PHP developer, you can post to the job listings at the Software Specialists, or contact the Software Specialists for information about connecting to the right employees for you.

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