Are Your Candidates Receiving a Poor Experience From You?

Most hiring managers are too busy to act as a welcoming host as they’re hiring, but it’s an important step. If you’re dismissive or neglectful, candidates will talk. They’ll tell their friends and post reviews about your company. Soon you’ll be a notoriously negative company to work for, no matter how great your perks are. Here’s how you can make sure your candidates are receiving a good experience from you.

Use video interviews

Having your applicants turn in pre-recorded videos as part of their application is a great way to make sure that each candidate gets the same questions and has time to prepare. It’s fair and straightforward and more convenient than having to schedule the logistics of a live interview for each applicant.

Give some helpful hints

A job search is stressful enough, so don’t spring surprises on your applicants. Tell them what to expect and what you’re looking for upfront, so they can report they were treated fairly. If you’re giving them a personality or skills test, let them know ahead of time. If you’ll have two or three rounds of formal interviews, let them know so that they can plan. A secretive or sneaky company, makes candidates feel resentful and disrespected.

Show some empathy

You should reach out to every single applicant! Even if it’s only a form letter letting them know that they didn’t get the job, they deserve to know. Otherwise, they’re waiting to hear, unsure of whether to proceed with their job search or call you for an update. That limbo state is stressful, so kindly let them know when you’ve made a decision. If they made it far in your interview process, a personalized email or phone call is best.

Offer feedback

Depending on the number of applicants, you might not have the time to give a customized shout-out to each one, but do the best you can. Even if it’s only one sentence, they’ll feel respected and encouraged by your feedback. Be honest but positive. Tell them that they were missing an essential requirement, that another candidate was more qualified, or that their interview didn’t go smoothly. If you can, give them a tip or two for the next time they apply.

Develop a relationship

Most applicants who are genuinely interested in your company are going to keep emailing you even after you turn them down. They’ll check back each month to see if you have any new openings. It might be annoying at first, but those are the candidates you want! Their enthusiasm and passion are rare, so reward their persistence. Return emails and phone calls promptly, so when you have an opening that they’re suited for, you can reach out and encourage them to apply. A pool of passive candidates within reach is every hiring manager’s dream!

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