Award Programs Your IT Company Should Look Into

One of the simplest and most affordable ways for a business to stand out from the competition is to earn industry awards. Awards gain recognition for the company, as well as prestige and even web traffic. They strengthen the credibility of a company.

Tech sector awards

If your IT company is currently looking to gain prestige and a marketing boost, consider the following awards programs:

CIO 100 Awards – These awards are given out each year by CIO to 100 organizations determined to have created significant business value by leveraging information technology. Awards winners are publicly recognized at CIO’s annual awards ceremony.

Ones to Watch Awards – These awards are meant to celebrate emerging leaders in the tech industry who are projected to become the “C-level business technology executives of tomorrow.”

Recipients are recognized at the annual AGENDA conference, which was held in Miami this year.

CSO50 Awards – Held for the past 6 years, the CSO50 Awards recognize the people behind 50 organizations for their work with security or a project that has unquestionable business value. Winning organizations have their award-winning work profiled on

Digital Edge50 Awards – also handed out at the AGENDA conference, the Digital Edge50 awards celebrates companies that have effectively used digital technology, such as cloud computing, to gain a significant competitive advantage.

What does winning do for my company?

Awards are fantastic PR triggers, frequently resulting in some kind of media coverage. They serve as validation of a company’s hard work and can be extremely inspiring to the entire company. When staff members are proud of their organization’s achievements, it boosts morale and supports employee retention efforts.

They can also be great marketing tools because potential customers take them as confirmation that a business can be trusted to deliver. Also, consumers generally prefer to associate with award-winning brands, and will often make their buying decisions based on an official recognition.

Awards aren’t just a marketing tool to attract consumers, they can also be used to draw in prospective employees. With the labor market currently as tight as it is, companies must do everything they can to fight for talented professionals and being an award winner makes that fight a bit easier.

Finally, winning an award can put your organization in elite company. Every company in the tech industry isn’t in competition with every other company. Awards can help companies network with each other and forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

When applying for and award, tell a good story

While innovation and hard work should be the backbone of any award-winning effort, companies that get this type of recognition are often effective at selling their achievements to a panel of judges. If your company is seeking an award like one of the one listed above, be sure the pitch includes how your organization or an individual in your organization was able to solve a problem through hard work and innovation.

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