Becoming a Better Job Candidate 8/12: Clean up Your Online Profiles

Yes, it’s been confirmed! Hiring managers and recruiters really do look at your social media accounts. The job market is competitive, and companies are looking for any reason to weed out applicants and toss them into the “thanks, but no thanks” category. So, it’s up to you to make sure your online presence is clean and professional and non-controversial. Here are six tips to clean up your online profiles.  


Change your settings to private 

Go to your settings and select “friends” as the only people to see your posts and activities. And if you’re really trying to stay private, only accept friend requests from actual friends and family members, not people in your professional network, like former bosses and co-workers.  


Delete inappropriate posts 

Be selective here. Get rid of posts and pictures that depict you as irresponsible, immature or crude. Even if there’s an inappropriate word or post that wasn’t shared by you but by a friend, get rid of it. You don’t have to delete them forever, though. You can put Instagram pictures in your archive, save Snapchats to memories, hide content from your Facebook timeline or change your privacy settings. 


Eliminate your inactive accounts 

Don’t delete your social media altogether—that looks suspicious and like you have something to hide. But if you have an account or two from your days as a middle schooler, you can probably go ahead and delete that. Chances are it’s juvenile and embarrassing and not something you want your professional world to see.  


Use the right photos 

Make sure your face is visible and clear in your profile picture. You don’t need a professionally touched-up headshot or anything, but it should be a real picture of you. And make sure other pictures are appropriate, too. Don’t hesitate to show off your hobbies or your cute kids and pets. Hiring managers like to see that you have passions and a life outside of work, too. 


Be professional 

Share news, quotes, and articles that are related to your industry. It makes you seem informed and passionate about your career. If a hiring manager notices you share the same values as their company, they’re more than likely to keep you around as a top candidate. You can even add a professional bio in your profile with a line or two about what you’re striving for and why you’d be a great hire.  


Follow motivators and top companies 

Keep apprised of what the top companies in your industry are doing—read their blogs, relevant news sources and Twitter feeds so youre better informed and up to date on important trends. If nothing else, you’ll know when they’re in the news or posting a new job opening. Do the same for significant leaders you admire or inspirational people. Their feeds might motivate and inform you and rub off on you in just the right way. 


For more tips on managing your social mediacontact our team today. 



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