How Can a Staffing Company Help In My Job Search?

Trying to find a job is a full-time job. So why not get a little bit of help with your “second job”? Staffing companies can do some of the heavy lifting for you and increase the chances of you finding a job sooner rather than later.

All types of organizations use staffing agencies to enable their search for talent to fill their open positions, which translates to another employment avenue for job seekers. By enrolling with just one staffing company, you have the possibility to make connections with several companies.

So, what’s it like partnering with a staffing company, and how can they assist you in achieving your employment goals? Here’s a brief summary of what you can expect and a few suggestions on how you can benefit from the connection.

Pick the right firm

Don’t assume all staffing companies are the same. Before committing to this relationship, spend time learning about each company.

Some companies offer a broad spectrum of employment options, while others specialize in a specific field. Ensure the staffing company you pick is prepared to assist you with your specific career and professional objectives.

Registering with the company

Whether you’re registering with a staffing company to apply for a specific job it posted or you’re just registering out of the blue, the process is pretty similar. Most companies will ask you to send in a resume and cover letter. As soon as the company reviews these documents, you may be instructed to take a skills evaluation, come in for an interview or both. Tests and interviews help the company’s personnel learn more about you so they can place you with one of their clients.

Even though tests and interviews aren’t being conducted by a direct employer, you shouldn’t take them lightly. These assessments will determine your future with the staffing firm, for better or worse.

Recognize: Staffing work is ‘real’ work

Rest assured: The jobs a staffing company can place you into are “real” jobs with real companies. Many Fortune 500 companies regularly use staffing companies to round out their workforce, which can mean a foot in the door at a great company for an ambitious contract worker.

Furthermore, many of these jobs are great opportunities in their own right. Professionals with in-demand skills can easily find contract work that pays a good wage. Others may get a temporary position at a rapidly expanding company and find themselves in a well-paying management position just a few years later.

Finally, “temporary work” gained through a staffing firm can be quite long lasting. Some assignments can last up to a year or more, and that can be comforting stability for someone used to bouncing from assignment to assignment. Long term assignments are a great way to really get to know a company, its practices and how it functions within its own industry – all valuable information moving forward in your career.

At SSi People , we work with skilled tech professionals to provide them with best-fit opportunities that will advance their careers. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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